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Secure payments

Secure payments

We use 3-D Secure and all of our payment methods are SCA-compliant.

Return Guarantee

Return Guarantee

30-day return policy. We do not require stating the cause of a refund request - you may simply change your mind.

Expert service

Expert service

More than 12 years of experience in removal business. We know all the qualities a good packaging material should have.

Quick delivery

Quick delivery

Quick and reliable delivery. You can have your materials at your doorstep as soon as two working days after your order.


Best sellers

This is our standard 50cm cube box. It’s been manufactured from high-quality material (strong BC flute), which makes it perfect for transporting almost any kind of items. Whether you want to pack, store or transport your goods, these boxes are perfect for you. 

Not only will these boxes provide you with an easier way to carry, load and store your goods (cubic shape makes it a perfect fit for almost all kinds of spaces), but it will also protect them from unwanted elements.

Our double walled boxes are provided in a flat pack, which makes them really easy to store when not in use.

Give your goods an added layer of protection during the moving process with our strong and firm furniture removal blankets. These removal blankets feature anti-rub protection and provide your items with a professional cover. 

These blankets measure approximately 200cm x 150cm, making them the perfect size for sizeable goods you want to shield. 

One of the most remarkable features about these blankets is that they are multi-purpose and can be reused. Make sure you protect your items by using our durable removal blankets.

Save space and protect your goods with our durable doublewall stockcase boxes. The 61cm x 45cm x 45cm variant is a perfect way to pack your larger belongings during a move or for storing. These stockcase boxes make moving easier as they provide you with a firm structure to pack away your belongings.

Large boxes like these 61cm ones are an ideal way to store the bigger kitchenware, such as cooking pans and pots or even some deconstructed furniture like coffee tables. These sturdy B flute stockcase boxes should be perfectly able to support bulkier items though it's good idea to use white news offcuts (also available in our store) and bubble wrap (also available in our store) to make a protective barrier between the sharp angles of your items and the wall of the box.

These doublewall stockcase boxes have been crafted from high-quality, strong BC flute (about 6.5mm), making them ideal for transporting your valuable possessions. Whether you want to pack, store or transport your goods, these boxes are perfect for you. 

Our doublewall stockcase boxes are provided in a flat pack, which makes it easy to store when they are not in use. These boxes measure approximately 45.7cm x 30.5cm x 30.5cm, which makes it perfect for small, treasured items. 

Not only will these boxes provide you with an easier way to carry your goods, but it will also protect your goods from unwanted elements such as dust or scratches. 

When transporting your boxes during a house move you need to make sure they are secure, you do not want your valuable items escaping the confinements of its box. You need to have solvent tape on hand to package your boxes correctly.

This high-quality tape has a long life and even features high-temperature resistance elements. Another feature of this solvent tape is that it measures approximately 66 metres in length, meaning a few of those will last the duration of your packing process.

Make your packaging process easier and quicker with this durable and high-quality solvent tape.

Can only be purchased in packages

Shield your valuable possessions from outside elements during transportation with our durable doublewall stockcase boxes.

If you are moving or want to store your items, you have to pack them in the correct boxes. These 45.5cm x 45.5cm x 30.4cm doublewall stockcase boxes are easy to assemble, and you can use them more than once. You can pack these boxes down after use and store them out of the way.

The low height and square base make this particular model perfect for storing platters and other dinnerware. These doublewall stockcase boxes also have close-fitting flaps for easy taping and sealing.

If you are moving into a new home, you will want a series of high-quality and durable boxes on hand to help. These doublewall stockcase boxes will help you move your possessions with ease thanks to its robust structure. The sturdy construction of this B flute boxes also means you can carry heavier items inside without tearing the box.

Our doublewall stockcase boxes are a smaller variant of our 50cm cubic boxes. They are 45.7cm at each side making them very easy to fit into most spaces. These boxes can be used in tandem with bubble wrap to provide extra protection against mechanical damage for smaller items such as treasured ornaments, pictures frames and more.

The two layers of fluting will also provide a barrier between your belongings and some environmental threats.

When transporting goods it is easy to forget which box you packed your delicate and fragile items in. Luckily, we have this 66-metre roll of low noise tape that will clearly indicate which boxes store your fragile items.

This roll is white and features red letters clearly written across it which reads ‘FRAGILE’. Now when transporting and handling your goods you will know which boxes you have to be extra cautious with.

These fragile tape rolls are available in different pack sizes; therefore, you can mark and seal numerous boxes with this tape.

Rolls of shrink wrap are notoriously used in the packaging process as it is easy and quick to use. Our shrink wrap is ideal if you are looking for a protective sheet to shield your items from unwanted elements during storage or transit. 

Shrinkwrap is also useful if you are looking to stabilise large items, which means they will not move during transportation. You can also use shrink wrap to bundle smaller items together so they do not get separated and are easier packed into a cardboard box. 

This particular roll of shrink wrap is made of good quality transparent film, making wrapped contents easily identifiable.

When moving or storing your goods, there is a risk that a treasured item could get damaged. You can protect your prized possessions with our durable large bubble wrap. This bubble wrap can create a cushion between the box and the object you have packed, as well as between different objects packed into the same box, or even - in the case of bigger items - for storage outside of boxes, utilising shrink wrap and removal blankets.

This large bubble wrap measures approximately 50cm in width, while the length is an impressive 45 metres. This should last you for moving all but the largest apartments.

Our large bubble wrap is a low cost, but high-quality, which means it will be a small investment to effectively shield your valuable items during transportation.

Moving home can be a stressful time, which is why it is important to know how you will be moving your goods. These doublewall stockcase boxes are a durable and sturdy way to package your goods. This box is a cube 30cm at each side. The small cubature will make this model particularly useful for packing smaller belongings, best wrapped in a shrink or bubble wrap.

Not only will you have a way to pack your items, but these boxes will also protect your goods against dust and scratches. These boxes are also supplied as a flat-pack but are very easy to unpack. You can also store these boxes with ease when not in use.

When moving home or storing your clothes, you might be concerned about damages that might occur. No-one wants to discover that their favourite shirt has been damaged during transportation, which is why it is important that you have a hanging wardrobe carton and rail at your disposal. 

Whether you are looking to keep your favourite suit in pristine condition, or you do not want to fold up your wedding dress, this hanging wardrobe carton will be extremely useful for you. 

Protect your clothes from outside elements and store them correctly, by investing in your own hanging wardrobe cartoon. This particular model is surprisingly easy to use.