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Secure payments

Secure payments

We use 3-D Secure and all of our payment methods are SCA-compliant.

Return Guarantee

Return Guarantee

30-day return policy. We do not require stating the cause of a refund request - you may simply change your mind.

Expert service

Expert service

More than 12 years of experience in removal business. We know all the qualities a good packaging material should have.

Quick delivery

Quick delivery

Quick and reliable delivery. You can have your materials at your doorstep as soon as two working days after your order.


Best sellers

Make transporting your armchair safer and easier with our high-quality and durable armchair cover. Whether you are moving into a new home or wanting to store your goods in a storage facility, you want to know that your goods will not come into contact with unwanted elements. 

Whether you are looking to store or transport your armchair, we have you covered with this pack of 2 covers that measure approximately 1.8 x 1.3 metres, the perfect size to shield your favourite chair. 

Minimise the worry and risk of your favourite armchair getting spoiled by investing in a low-cost armchair cover.


Secure your sofa from the hardships of travelling by using a durable and weatherproof sofa cover. Our high-quality 2/3 seater sofa cover will protect your sofa from harsh elements such as soil, dust and even water damage. 

When you are packing your belongings the last thing you want to think about is if your belongings will survive the journey to your new location. Sofa covers eliminate the worry you might face when transporting your goods. 

Protecting your prized possessions have never been so easy thanks to our easy to use sofa covers.

Our high-quality white news offcuts have been made from newsprint paper. Their main uses are filling the empty space, preventing the items in boxes from moving, 'interleaving' dinnerware stacked one on top of another, preventing it from scratching, or wrapping silverware and other small items, but particularly fragile ones are advised to be also wrapped in a bubble wrap.

The bottom of a removal box can be lined with these offcuts for extra protection.

White News offcuts are a very inexpensive way to help protect items such as glassware and ornaments from damage during transportation. This 10kg pack of offcuts should be enough for wrapping purposes of smaller moves.

Packaging your goods can be the difficult part of a removal, however, if you have our tape gun, the process speeds up drastically. 

It is a standard, economy type tape gun with no bells and whistles. It features a comfortable handle, a loading spot capable of holding over a 100 metres worth of tape and a standard tape dispensing element along with the blade for easy cutting. 

Cutting a roll of tape for every box is time-consuming, which is why our tape dispenser clutch is an essential piece of equipment to have on hand.

If you are transporting delicate or valued possessions, such as silverware or jewellery, you need to have white acid free tissues on hand to help.

Our high-quality white acid-free tissue paper has been manufactured to remove certain elements that might damage or tarnish the possessions mentioned above. If you are looking to store, package or pack your valuable items is an effective way to retain the quality of your items.

This white acid-free tissue paper could be used in conjunction with our bubble wrap to give your prized possession an added layer of protection.