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Standard Tape Gun (50mm)

Packaging your goods can be the difficult part of a removal, however, if you have our tape gun, the process speeds up drastically. 

It is a standard, economy type tape gun with no bells and whistles. It features a comfortable handle, a loading spot capable of holding over a 100 metres worth of tape and a standard tape dispensing element along with the blade for easy cutting. 

Cutting a roll of tape for every box is time-consuming, which is why our tape dispenser clutch is an essential piece of equipment to have on hand.

VAT included

Tape Dispenser Clutch 50mm
  • Accepts 50mm width tapes.
  • Metal tape blade.
  • Accepts 132-metre long tapes.

Condition: New, Type: Tape Sealer

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Buy today receive in 2 working days

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